Cognitive Behavior Therapy: An Answer to Many Psychological Problems

If someone in your family is suffering from anger, anxiety, addictive behavior, depression, relationship problems, oppositional behavior, compulsive behavior, or ADHD then Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is probably the first line of defense. CBT is an effective method of treatment for these psychological problems.

CBT is a form of psychotherapy used to treat many psychological problems and improve someone’s affect or state of being by altering dysfunctional emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It is quite different than Freudian psycho-analysis that looks into childhood wounds in order to find out the root causes of conflict. Instead, it focuses on solutions and encourages patients to challenge distorted cognitions and modify destructive patterns of behavior.

CBT is a collaborative process and educational treatment. The therapist and patient decide together on the appropriate treatment goals. CBT is based on a cognitive model (i.e., How we feel emotionally in a situation depends on how we perceive that situation). So, how we feel in a situation is related to our thoughts in that situation. CBT can help individual assess their distressing thoughts and then evaluate how realistic or adaptive are the thoughts. Therapists will help the patient learn to change their unhelpful or distorted thinking. During the treatment sessions, the emphasis is also on solving problems and initiating behavioral changes.

Advanced CBT is a broad form of therapy, using many evidence-based methods of treatments. Social skills training, assertiveness training, habit reversal training, barbing, rational emotive behavior therapy, and systemic desensitization are some of many components used in CBT.

Don’t let your family member suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other psychological problem. Set up an appointment with an experienced therapist who is well trained in CBT.

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