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At Therapy West, we believe insight is good, but change is better. As cognitive-behavioral therapists dedicated to delivering quality care, we utilize evidence-based treatments to help our clients cope with all forms of anxiety. We understand that anxiety can present itself in many different ways, and offer treatment for all ranges of anxiety – from teaching preventative coping skills to intensively treating anxiety that is causing severe impairment in one’s life. 

Expert Clinical Services

Parenting a child or adolescent who consistently struggles to manage their emotions and behaviors may sometimes feel insurmountable. It often causes daily problems within your child’s life and can lead to long-term disruption within your family. 

Our expert clinical team uses the most effective psychological treatments, which have decades of research supporting its benefit.

Our Philosophy

The Axis Protocol™ is comprised of specific tenets that focus on the generalizability of skills  in non-pathologizing environment as the  hallmark of change. 

Therapeutic success is often derived from a dynamic change-oriented model. Our expert clinicians are guided by the Axis Protocol™ to ensure that we focus on long-term enduring change in your child or adolescent. The interventions we use are uniquely tailored to the needs of your family. We start with a well-thought out plan to provide the appropriate level of treatment. 

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