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Axis Protocol ™

Our professionals provide specialized services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of your family. We develop an effective plan and provide the appropriate services to improve the overall functioning of the child and family. 

The Axis Protocol™ emphasizes on generalizability of skills learned in treatment as the hallmark of change.Our belief is that while research has shown certain therapeutic techniques to be extremely effective in treating anxiety, we also take into account that everyone comes with their own individual characteristics and strengths. Our main goal is to generalize skills learned in therapy to one’s daily life, and to be responsive and flexible in our care. Our team of clinicians are extremely collaborative both within our practice and with our clients. 

Generalizability of Treatment

The purpose of therapy is to improve behaviors and emotions in the person’s life. This is measured via “outside of the office” change.


What most consider to be disorders or disabilities are part of normal human psychological functioning.

Client-Tailored Intervention

The Protocol is responsive to the level of treatment and service that would be beneficial.

Therapist Rotation

​​Rotation of the therapist is an important component. Changing clinicians can be effective in reducing overdependence and increasing therapeutic gains.

Case Conceptualization

Theory and diagnostic patterns are carefully examined to identify appropriate treatment.

Team-Based Collaborative Care

The success of the intervention is reviewed through inclusive meetings with all stakeholders (e.g., parents, providers, and the client).

"Therapy West was a fabulous resource for my family. They worked with us parents and our 15 year old son separately through two different therapists but in a cohesive, collaborative manner that really reversed the downward spiral our son was in. We were lucky to have this option in NYC when all other options pointed to residential out of state care. It allowed our family to make changes and heal together, rather than on separate tracks. The result is that the changes we made have stuck and helped us make a positive difference on our son’s trajectory."

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