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While living in New York City has its benefits, many often find themselves feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, and overstimulated from the everyday stresses of navigating their busy lives. As a result, some may experience symptoms of anxiety or depression that persist throughout the day. Anxiety and depression can make it difficult to maintain relationships, keep up with work, or find the time to take care of themselves. 

How We Help

Our clinical staff works with clients to develop coping strategies to overcome moments of distress and increase confidence in managing the unexpected. We help our clients neutralize anxiety and low self-esteem by teaching skills that reframe negative self-talk and encourage self-compassion. We frequently work with clients to target: 

  •    Sleep hygiene and healthy lifestyle   
  •        choices
  •    The development of planning and   
  •         organizational skills
  •   The integration of mindfulness and      
  •         relaxation skills
  •    The identification of thinking traps
  •    Social skills deficits and relationship difficulties 

"Over time, I was able to improve my lifestyle by using the skills my Therapy West clinician taught me."

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