Treating children, adolescents, and families

Our Team

Our professionals provide specialized services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of your family. We develop an effective plan and provide the appropriate services to improve the overall functioning of the child and family. 

The Axis Protocol™ emphasizes on generalizability of skills learned in treatment as the hallmark of change.Our belief is that while research has shown certain therapeutic techniques to be extremely effective in treating anxiety, we also take into account that everyone comes with their own individual characteristics and strengths. Our main goal is to generalize skills learned in therapy to one’s daily life, and to be responsive and flexible in our care. Our team of clinicians are extremely collaborative both within our practice and with our clients. 

Jeffrey Kassinove, PhD

Co-Founder / Clinical Director

Evan Flamenbaum, DSW


Carly Bosacker, PsyD

Staff Psychologist

Sloan Strike, PhD

Director of Supervision and Training

Haley Kastner, LCSW

Coordinator of Therapeutic Services

Dr. Sara Dobosh

Dr. Samantha Nish

Julia Margolis

Our Services

Individual CBT

We provide advanced cognitive behavioral therapy and other services to children, adolescents and adults. 

Intensive Programs

Our intensive outpatient treatment program integrates research and clinical practice to drive intervention.

In-Vivo Interventions

 Our program meet the needs of clients who require a more hands-on approach to help them outside of the “four walls” of therapy.

Group Therapy

 We offer groups for different ages as well as for different needs (e.g., Kids with Anxiety, Preteen Girls). 

Behavior Assessments

We conduct brief assessments (e.g., classroom and home observations, self-report measures) to assess thoughts and behaviors.

Wrap-A-Round Support

A therapeutic plan to help your child/teen succeed at home while treating psychological and educational problems.

Treating children, adolescents, and families

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